FSS (Foundation Stock Service) Open Shows are informal AKC sanctioned events. They allow owners and their dogs of FSS & Miscellaneous Class breeds a chance to gain the ring experience of a conformation dog show in a relaxed and inviting environment. While no points may be earned towards a Championship, Certificate of Merit points may be earned. FSS Open Shows also allow clubs, judges, and stewards to gain the experience needed for licensed events. FSS Open Shows are run much like a match on the day of the event. Miscellaneous Class breeds will be considered equivalent to a Group as will the FSS breeds. The winner of the Miscellaneous Class & FSS Groups will go on to compete Best in FSS Open Show.


FSS and Miscellaneous breeds, ages 4 months and older on the day of the event, are eligible to compete and earn points towards the Certificate of Merit. Approved parent clubs for Miscellaneous Class and FSS breeds may offer classes for all Miscellaneous & FSS breeds or for their breed only!




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How do I enter an AKC Open Show?
In order to participate in the fun, you must enter your dog in the show. Most clubs allow for “day-of-show” entries, in which case you can enter
your dog at the show site on the day of the show. Every Open Show has a “premium list” that has all the important information about the show,
including an entry form and the entry deadline. You must fill out the entry form with the information about your dog and which class you want
to enter, i.e. the 4-6 Month Puppy class, 6-9 Month Puppy Class, 9-12 Month Puppy Class or Open Class prior to the entry deadline.
Each show has a Superintendent or Show Secretary who processes all the show entry forms. Typically, a dog show’s club member acts as the
Show Secretary for Open Shows. Contact the Show Secretary listed to receive the show’s premium list and entry form or find them online.
To complete an entry form, you’ll need your dog’s AKC registration number, a credit card or check, your dog’s AKC registration certificate
so you can fill out your puppy’s “o cial registered” name, her dam’s (mother’s) name, her sire’s (father’s) name as well as her birthdate,
breeder’s name and your contact information. You will also select which age division your dog will be competing in, the 4-6 Month Puppy
class, 6-9 Month Puppy Class, 9-12 Month Puppy Class or Open Class for dogs older than one year. Once you submit your entry fee, you may
receive a confirmation of the entry via email or mail. However, do not fret if you don’t receive one–most clubs do not send out a confirmation
for Open Shows.
How do I prepare my dog for the show?
It’s a good idea to have your dog ready for fun before you go to the show.
Walking on a leash- Your dog should be comfortable wearing a collar and walking on a leash by your
left side. You may have been taught this as the “heel position” in your puppy kindergarten class. This
is easy to practice at home before going to the show.
Meet me- Young dogs love people so be prepared for her to meet lots of new people at the show! You
may want to get her ready to meet people by taking your puppy to a park or other public spaces to
get her used to the activity.
Looking her best- Don’t forget to groom your dog as part of the preparation. If she is really dirty, as some dogs
can be very active outdoors, then maybe a bath a day or two before the show is in order. But, at the very least, make
sure she is brushed and free of dirt, debris and any tangles in her hair. Also, if it’s been a while since you trimmed her
toenails, you may want to give them a quick trim too.

What will the judge ask me to do in the ring?

Ringside- Once your time has arrived, the Ring Steward will call all the dogs in the class according to
armband number into the ring for judging.
Stand in line- At first, all the dogs will stand in line together for the judge to give them all a first look.
What will the judge ask me to do in the ring?
All together- Then the judge will ask all the dogs to trot around the ring in one big circle together. Following those in front of you,
ask your dog to follow you around the ring in a slow jog until you reach the end of the line.
Meet and greet- You and your dog can relax for a moment now. The judge will ask each dog to come up to him for an individual
“meet and greet.” At this point, the judge will greet your dog and ask you to open her mouth to look at her teeth. He will then place
his hands around the dog’s body for further examination.
Strutting your stu - The judge will ask you to individually trot your dog around in a “pattern” - maybe a triangle or a straight lineand
then back to the end of the line.
Get a ribbon- After all the dogs have been looked at by the judge, you will go around the ring as a group one more time. At this point
the judge picks his winners and hands out ribbons. Congratulations!
All done- After you’re done, it’s time to relax with your dog, give her some water and a treat for being such a good girl. Since you are
already at the show, take the opportunity to walk her around the show grounds and see new sights and meet new people.